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The INTERNET. (My first blog)

The INTERNET. (My first blog)

The internet is definitely a revolutionary, technological invention created by the human race.

Almost everything in our world today that we are familiar with revolves around some use of the internet. The internet has enabled us to do many things that was not possible back in the days when people used to write hand-written letters to each other (although this still exists today).

The internet provides unlimited entertainment for everybody that has access to it. I have been exposed to the internet for as long as I can remember.
I believe that my experience with the internet first started with online games, since I was still very young. As I grew older, I gradually discovered many more uses for the internet, and a great way of communication. I must say that Facebook is definitely one of my very frequently used tool on the internet since it enables me to communicate with people as well as retrieve news from just a single, and instant click of the mouse.

I would describe the internet as, ‘epic’ since it is a highly global technological device that connects the entire world together, as well as it is your window to the outside world without even having to step outside your own house.
I use the internet on a daily basis for many different reasons. These reasons include, homework assignments (such as this one), communicating with people, viewing the news, and other random reasons which relieve me from boredom.

So, Tokyo is one of the most leading countries in terms of technological development. Tokyo definitely has been heavily influenced by the use of the internet and other technologies related to it. I would say that the internet pretty much lies at the heart of Tokyo since it definitely connects everything that is present in this highly dense and enormous city. Tokyo without internet, would be almost unimaginable, since the internet is one of the reasons why Tokyo has been able to develop so much.

I love Tokyo, as much as I love the INTERNET.

I think that pretty much concludes my first blog post!